About Our Business
The Oldest Health
Food Store in Dallas

The store was originally the Plaza
Bakery, owned by our grandfather Paul
Houston Fuqua. Our grandmother, Ester,
started selling vitamins and herbs from a
corner in the shop in 1949. As a registered
nurse, it frustrated her that most of the
people she cared for in the hospital were
suffering from illnesses such as heart
disease and diabetes that are fully
preventable through good diet and exercise.
She started the Plaza Health Foods store
over 58 years ago with one goal in
mind, to put people back in charge of
their own health.

During the 70's and 80's, her son Steve Fuqua built the Plaza Health Foods into a well
known center for nutritional knowledge. His deep understanding of nutrition and the
therapuetic use of supplements and herbs brought clients from all over the world to
Dallas to consult with him. With over 150 published case histories, his legacy lives on
in the store and in our clients today.

After finishing his career as a professional ballet dancer, Max Fuqua has taken the helm
of his family's Park Cities landmark business. Building on past success, the store now
offers a full range of biometric testing options including cholesterol screening, hepatic
detoxification profiles and allergy testing. Along with the finest nutritional products
available, clients can round out their health maintenance program with Yoga, Pilates
and Zumba classes, as well as enjoy relaxing massage from our Registered Massage
Plaza Health Foods
Since 1949
Bakery 1940's
Ester 1968
Ester & Steve 1974
Steve Jr. & Staff 1982
Staff 1990's
Storefront 1950's
Max & Staff 2004