Services We Provide
Plaza Health Foods
Since 1949

Clinical Nutrition
Many conditions benefit from specific foods, dietary protocols and nutritional supplements,
which have fewer complications and side effects than many conventional treatments.

Botanical Medicine
Plants are safe and effective medicines when used properly. Current scientific research
has demonstrated that many plant substances are superior to synthetic drugs.  

Counseling and Stress Management
Mental attitudes and emotional states can be important aspects of health and illness.
Complementary health care professionals are trained to recognize the important
connection between the body and the mind.

Lifestyle Coaching
Choices we make everyday affect our health and well-being. Clients are taught tools for
living a healthy life and preventing minor illnesses from becoming more serious or
chronic, degenerative diseases.

Homeopathic medicines act to strengthen the body's innate immune responses and
seldom have side effects. This medical system is over 200 years old and is based on the
principle that "like cures like."  Long standing physical and emotional challenges that have
not responded well to conventional treatment may respond to homeopathic medicine.

Personal detoxification programs may be recommended for specific conditions, or for
general health and vitality. The program consists of a hypoallergenic diet, a supplemental
program containing the macro and micro-nutrients necessary for detoxification, as well as
supportive activities such as gentle physical exercise and breathing exercises.